Online Certificate Course on Interpretation of Statutes by EJI Online Law School

Course Objectives

1. To understand the concept of Interpretation and construction & difference thereto.

2. To understand and examine the relevancy of various principles of interpretation

3. To identify the roles of judiciary in ascertaining meaning of any statute or in law making.

4. To assess the judicial trends in India

Course Outcomes

On completion of this course, the students will be 

1. Acquainted with the concept and various types of Statutes.

2. Appreciate the relevancy of interpretation of the statute.  

3. Learn the mechanism to find out the real intent of the legislature in making of the particular Statutes.

4. Understand the relevancy of Internal and External Aid of Interpretation. 

5. Apply the various doctrines of Constitutional Interpretation.


1. Introduction 

2. Primary rule of Interpretation

3. Secondary rule of Interpretation 

4. Internal aids and External aids to Interpretation 

5. Principal of Constitutional Interpretation

Method of Learning

This course is Module based. There will be assignment for understanding the scope and benefit of course.

The course material and details will be accessible through mail only to the registered participants.


All the participants will be given an e-certificate after the successful completion of course.


1 month (Starting From 1st day of next month)


Anyone can register for this Course

Course Fee

The course fee is INR 1599 INR 249 Only /- (Non-Refundable)

Last Date for Registration

28th day of this month

Payment & Registration

Participants have to pay and then register themselves through registration link given below. After the Payment, all participants need to upload screenshot of the same while Registration.

Click Here to Register Yourself

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