Online Certificate Course on Contract Drafting

About the Course

Contract Drafting is the act of writing out the terms and details of the contract, in order to outline the legal obligations of the two parties, so that they fully understand the terms of the agreement and their respective duties towards one another.

All corporate professionals, business managers, lawyers, law students, entrepreneurs need to understand the nuances of a legal contract and should also know how to write a good contract. This course, designed for law students and young lawyers, will clarify your contracts-related concepts, and teach you the fundamentals of contract drafting.

What you will learn

MODULE 1: Introduction to concept of Contract

This module will help you to get a basic idea and concept clarity in regard to what is contract, its importance , how can a contract be discharged, remedies for breach of contract, the main process of a contract and how are contract and agreement different.

MODULE 2: Concept of drafting

In this module you will learn the essentials of good drafting, why drafting is important, Handy checklist for drafting and effects of poor drafting.

MODULE 3: Important clauses to be included in contract

Before jumping on to drafting contracts, we need to learn what all clauses are essential while drafting. Title, definition clause, annexure or schedules, force majeure clause, operative clause etc. are some important clauses that need to be understood.

MODULE 4: Learning to draft Legal Notice and Affidavit

The contents that need to be included in a legal notice and affidavit would be explained along with a draft format.

MODULE 5: Drafting of:

  1. MOA
  2. AOA
  3. Partnership Deed
  4. Sale and Lease Deed
  5. Wills

In this module, you wall learn to draft various deeds and company’s documents. A format shall be provided to you and would be explained in the live lecture.

MODULE 6: 10 common mistake while drafting a contract

Learning law and practically implementing are two very different things. In this module you will learn what the common mistakes are while one drafts a contact. In the lecture Course Instructor explain you the mistakes she did while she prepared her first draft and the things she got to learn while drafting.

Method of Learning

This course is Module based with Pre Recorded Lecture. There will be unit wise assessment for understanding the scope and benefit of course. We will also provide reference study material (e-book) for understanding the course in better way.

The course material and details will be accessible through mail only to the registered participants.


All the participants will be given an e-certificate after the successful completion of course.


1 month (Starting From 1st day of next month)


This Contract Drafting Course is for students & Professionals

Course Fee

The course fee is INR 1599 INR 249 Only /- (Non-Refundable)

Last Date for Registration

28th day of this month

Payment & Registration

Participants have to pay and then register themselves through registration link given below. After the Payment, all participants need to upload screenshot of the same while Registration.

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